I’ve always enjoyed the percussion aspect of being a drummer.

In 1999 I was part of a Samba Troupe that went to Lousada in Northern Portugal to play at a student games.

As a part of Zambura I learned to play a variety of percussion instruments and enjoyed the challenge that playing different time signatures brought and being a different part of a group.

I now have a series of shakers, woodblocks, cowbells, chimes, a Djembe and Cajon.

I find that there are lots of ways that I can add to a band’s sound, add to the groove without overtaking things.

irlam live 1
Percussion for Omar, Junior Giscombe Don-E and Noel McKoy at Irlam Live 2016


will percussion gig 25082016

A selection of my different instruments at a gig with Will Tang


The Zambura Samba Band.

Don’t try and find me, I wasn’t there when they took the picture!


Getting in to the car park of a gig a teenager asked me when I was going to use my jet packs!